Small School Big Dreams
25 May, 2016
Jhon Muñoz – Masters of Information Technology
31 August, 2016

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” – John Dewey


I was put in a school within no time i was born, cried while leaving to school, learned to eat myself, learned to respect teachers with fear included naturally. I was introduced to one of the most beautiful bond called “Friendship”. I was introduced to ‘competition’ among peers. I was introduced to a ‘Formal Behavior’ and ‘Manners’. I was made to stand in front of ‘God’ and pray. I was made to believe, without education i am nothing in this society.

Gradually, I did well in the school and that is the reason i believe, I didn’t want to know the answers and meaning of Education and I didn’t even know if should crosscheck everything that i believe.

Then when i entered college to do my bachelor’s degree as everyone else would do around me, I didn’t know if I was sure of pursuing Electronics, and it didn’t take much time to realize that it was not my cup of tea. Then i travelled within myself and realized, ART is the thing which keeps me alive. I was introduced to ‘PHILOSOPHY’ and ‘SPIRITUALITY’ in this process and the whole life appeared to be different from then. I was traveling towards the answers for the questions of childhood. Then was the time, I realized EDUCATION is not confined to a college degree. I took the pain of interacting with people of different tastes and cultures. I faced many insults but gained the strength to sustain. I met many people who created a necessity to rethink.

With these confusions going on in my mind, one year ago, to complete the game that i have started, i came to the US to pursue my masters degree. This is the time i spent time completely with myself. I understood anything or anyone except thoughts is not permanent. I deeply started to understand and still learning the sensibilities of LIFE.

And today ladies and gentlemen, is the end of my 19 YEARS OF FORMAL EDUCATION.

This phase is the end of a platform that provided people and experiences that helped me understand myself. For everyone who has been a part of my LIFE directly or indirectly, THANK YOU for being an inspiration somehow or the other.

I now feel i have many things to do and i know my path is fixed and yes EDUCATION has not yet ended and i am HAPPY that i am moving fast towards ART.


Hemanth Neerukonda
Bachelor in Technology , Electronics and Communication Engineering, Class of 2015.
Master in Information Technology, Class of 2016.

I personally thank you for being there always and helping me.