Welcome to Atlantis University - Language Institute

Are you looking to enhance your opportunities in the global marketplace? Perhaps you have always simply wanted to become bilingual.

ALI’s flexible scheduling, experienced faculty, small class sizes, and innovative course curricula work all together in order to provide you with fast access to the English language tools you need to enhance your communication as a bilingual speaker.


The Atlantis Language Institute’s Mission is to provide

  • local and international students seeking better understanding and use of the English language
  • professionals seeking enhancement of their performance in the English language, and
  • other non-native speakers of English who desire to break the language barrier
with the essential language tools to support their growth as global citizens.

English as a second language program Benefits and Features

  • Flexible schedules and program features that can fit your particular needs.
  • Experienced Instructors with effective teaching strategies
  • Courses that focus on fast comprehension and easier oral communication.
  • Modern leading software for lab purposes
  • Personalized student service.
  • Out-of-classroom real-life activities that will develop your self-confidence in the use of the language.
  • Excellent online library to train your reading skills
  • Access to American English lessons through the lab software.
  • Access to a wide diversity of career related vocabulary and expressions through the lab software, on-site and from the comfort of your home.

Teaching Strategies: Student centered role.

A student centered role characterizes ESL classes at ALI. Teaching strategies highlight the use of Active Learning; students will be guided through the achievement/enhancement of their critical thinking skills as key ingredient in their practice during the learning process. A very interactive learning environment with combination of lecture/laboratory, individual and team work will be utilized in this course. The use of attractive and contemporary learning tools like Burlington English SOFTWARE, movies, videos and audio tracks will motivate and keep students engaged in our classes. The approach is rigorous, and communicative English is emphasized. Full-time students are in classes 4 hours a day (20 hours per week). To ensure that students are initially placed in the appropriate course levels, there’s an in-house placement test, and a personal interview with a program instructor when needed.

Course Schedule and Levels

Flexible schedules are available during the morning and afternoon shifts, mainly.
Each level is eight weeks long with twenty hours of instruction scheduled to combine classroom, out-of-the classroom, and laboratory activities

According to your actual proficiency in the language, what’s your starting in ALI?



This course is intended for beginners. These students initially have limited or no understanding of English. They rarely use English for communication. Their use of the language is very limited and grammatically inaccurate, mostly. Throughout the course, they will progressively try to answer spontaneously to simple commands and questions using single words or simple phrases. Through this course, the student should understand and accept the process of communicating in another language; how to build vocabulary and use a dictionary, principles for correct pronunciation and vocalization. There will be an interactive relation with the basic skills of the language: listening/understanding, speaking, reading/comprehension, writing, and a necessary cross-cultural awareness. The course will provide with functional vocabulary, basic grammatical explanations and a close approach to accurate pronunciation.


This course is intended for High beginners. Starting this level, students communicate limited information in simple day to day situations using simple phrases that have been mostly memorized. They appear to understand more while they listen, but they still produce limited answers using very basic grammar patterns. Overall communication still lacks of adequate idea sequencing. The basic skills already acquired in ESL 1 plus the intensive practice provided in this course will progressively take the students to enhance their listening/understanding skills. Better comprehensive oral expression starts developing, too. Vocabulary should grow consistent with reading/comprehension skills. With the successful accomplishment of this course, the students will move on towards an Intermediate level of communication in the English language.


This course is intended for students entering an intermediate level of proficiency. At this level, the listening-comprehension skills still require consistent practice on repetition. Students become more spontaneous while expressing their thoughts, but with limited vocabulary. Their oral expression is simple, comprehensible and mostly appropriate, but they still make grammatical errors. They’ll progressively show higher comprehension of written texts, and growing writing skills. They may find easier to understand what others say, but they still may not elaborate proper full answers. They can read with more confidence, but yet their vocabulary needs to build up stronger and the ability to detect main ideas and other elements needs much more training.


This course is intended for students whose current level of proficiency allows them to deliver appropriate communication skills, on expected and even unexpected scenarios as adequate listening and understanding skills are mostly developed. However, even though their vocabulary is stronger at this point, it may be hard for them to easily handle complex structures and abstract concepts. Reading skills are stronger, too, and most students show easier comprehension of the text. Nonetheless, they may face uncomfortable challenges when dealing with complex sentence structures and unusual contextualized facts.


ESL 5 is prepared for students who wish or need to perform with more advanced level of proficiency in the oral and written modes. At this level, students’ errors go minimized; they feel comfortable when expressing themselves, they can manage adequate communication on a wide variety of contexts. They feel able to act within a native speakers’ environment with much confidence. Students show good command of daily and even technical vocabulary. Idiomatic expressions are very familiar, too. Their goal is to command deeper language structures with fluency, and as accurate as possible.

Personalized Student Service.

All active ALI students are awarded to receive the same student services offered to Atlantis University students.

ALI Program/Course completion
Certificates of completion will be awarded after each level stating accomplishment of related classes and proficiency level reached in our institution.

DIPLOMA: Those students completing the 5 levels would be awarded ALI’s Diploma of completion.