Jhon Muñoz – Masters of Information Technology
31 August, 2016
Profesor Maximo Dennis Beltrons
7 September, 2016

Reem Abu Omar


I take this moment to thank you all! Being accepted at “Atlantis University” scholarship MBA program gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams not just because it offers me a scholarship but like my other classmates, I applied for “Atlantis University” for different reasons. Being a student at Atlantis means as if you are home, in your own country, surrounded by your family.

Everyone at the university was willing to help me, they were so respectful and encouraged me in every way possible in order to make me feel better and secure.

Once I started the classes at Atlantis university, Professor Brown told us once; “I’m here not to fail you but to make you succeed in your life”. At that moment I felt that my journey just began and my future in Atlantis and my family’s future as well. I even had an opportunity to be an intern at “Marketing Company” for two months which gave me the chance to learn the US experience.

Thank you Atlantis for helping me achieving my goals.